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BioMed Miner

BioMed Miner is an intuitive, multi-dimensional text mining platform that allows users to accurately and efficiently locate highly relevant research among the expansive library of available biomedical literature. Through a proprietary algorithm, BioMed Miner enables users to navigate their topics of interest among the tens of millions of publicly available articles by combining search terms through various lenses, such as functions, publication years, to help them drill down to useful articles and develop a realistic and useful list of relevant research.

BioMed Miner generates a heat map of articles which is organized and categorized based on concepts and diseases, tissues and organs and by year to help researchers drill down into their topics of interest in a much more relevant way than what is currently available. This web-based platform is available to users through an annual licensing per site or user fee at a significant cost savings to other proprietary text mining platforms.

Benefits of BioMed Miner:

  • Simple and easy to navigate

  • Eliminates the need for an in-house search specialist

  • Cost-effective

  • Creates an accurate and concise list of relevant results with no false positives

  • Database updated weekly

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