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Flow cytometry (FCM), mass cytometry (CyTOF), and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) are widely used in both clinical and basic research to characterize cell phenotypes and functions. The recent development of cytometry technologies has significantly increased acquisition rate and number of analyzed markers per cell from less than 10 to over 40. The resulting large volume and high dimensional data pose critical challenges for conventional manual-gating analysis.

Cytofkit Advantages:

  • Unbiased

  • Objective

  • Fast

  • Fully automated

  • Dimension reduction

  • Unsupervised clustering

  • Biologist friendly GUI

  • Interactive visualization of results

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Cytofkit software solves the problem by providing automated, objective and unsupervised analysis of FCM, CyTOF and FACS data. Cytofkit offers a wide range of dimension reduction (PCA, tSNE, ISOMAP, diffusion map) and clustering algorithms (DENSVM, phonograph, ClusterX, flowSOM). Dimension reduction methods compress the high dimensional information to 2 to 3 dimensions, enabling visualization of cell subsets. Unsupervised clustering algorithms objectively group cells into subsets. Cytofkit provides biologists with friendly graphical user interface and interactive visualization of analysis results.

Cytofkit incorporates automated analysis results as additional parameters into clusters with manually gated cell populations. Cytofkit is currently used by more than 4000 users worldwide. It will greatly benefit bench scientists and unblock the bottleneck of bioinformatician shortage; and will also standardize cytometry analysis for industrial and clinical applications.