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Precision Medicine Solutions

A portfolio of cutting-edge bioinformatics products which help institutions customize
its precision medicine offerings to support long-term growth and profitability and
keep its confidential patient data where it should be…within their organization

Precision Medicine Platform*

A customized workflow platform for analyzing and annotating sequences to clinical report generation to deliver a personalized treatment plan based on a patient’s genomic profile

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NGS Analytical Toolkits*

A set of software modules that analyze the DNA sequence for variants to produce a variant calling file used in precision medicine

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ICMDB® Knowledgebase*

An integrated sequencing analysis platform,comprised of multiple manually curated datasets from continuously updated evidence-based clinical information

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Infrastructure Hardware Enhancer*

A state-of-the-art approach to enhance NGS data processing infrastructure hardware and storage to speed up analysis of sequence information

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Why outsource your future when Genotech Matrix
can help your organization achieve its precision
medicine vision in-house NOW

Complete Precision Medicine Solution

  • More cost-effective now and greater opportunity for long-term profitability than outsourcing

  • Augment your current capabilities or customize your entire workflow

Seamless Integration into Local Server

  • Integrating the most up-to-date knowledgebases to your local server instead of exporting your confidential patient information off-site gives you greater data control, saves time and strengthens your competitive edge.

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the precision medicine workflow and
iCMDB knowledgebase