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T/B Cell Receptor Repertoire Analysis


T and B Cell Receptor Repertoire research has allowed us to elucidate the specificity and diversity of a body’s immune cells. The multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique is typically used to amplify the genes during sample preparation, but there are amplification inefficiencies with this process resulting in an inaccurate, biased and less sensitive immune repertoire analysis.

To overcome these problems, an adaptor-ligation mediated PCR technology was developed, which uses a proprietary adaptor sequence and one pair of primers to eliminate mismatching and other potential amplification problems. Combined with a dedicated software to process the data output from the next-generation sequencing, the immune repertoire data can be easily analyzed.

Can be used for wide variety of applications:

  • Detection of malignant lymphoma, leukemia

  • Identification of Ag-specific TCR/BCR

  • Evaluation of efficacy of immune checkpoint blockers and cancer immune therapy

  • Monitor immune diversity recovery after bone marrow transplantation

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This integrated technology enables an unbiased analysis of the TCR or BCR repertoire quantitatively and accurately and is superior to other conventional technologies such as multiplex PCR. This service can be used in a wide variety of applications, e.g., identification of antigen-specific TCR/BCR, evaluation of efficacy of immune checkpoint blockers, and cancer immune therapy.